Last year, the Home Office refused to issue a visa to the three-year old daughter of an NHS doctor, Amany Abdelmeguid.

As Amany's MP, Preet took up the case and wrote to the Home Office on her behalf asking them to reconsider. In Preet's letter, she said: “I understand that from the Home Office point of view Amany could postpone her training and go and look after Layan, [but] surely this would be at the detriment to the UK with the shortage of qualified doctors with seven to 10% of roles unfilled.
“Due to the the nature of this case; and the child concerned being very young; and the fact that Amany is in a profession that is sought after by the UK; and she has secured a private nursery place for Layan, I would ask that the decision regarding Layan be reconsidered so she can reside in the UK with her mother,” she wrote.

The initial decision by the Home Office has been overturned and they have now granted a visa for Amany's daughter.

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