The jobs crisis in Edgbaston has this month continued to worsen as unemployment figures reach new highs.  

New figures released last week show that the unemployment rate in Edgbaston has reached 9.3% which, is 210 more people claiming unemployment benefit in just the last month, and 2,685 people since last year. This is compared to the current national average of 6.5%. 

With anticipated unemployment levels expected to continue rising and the recent news that one in five self-employed people expect to be forced out of business after a year of being excluded from Government schemes, under Conservative plans the situation for Birmingham and the West Midlands is only expected to worsen.  

A coordinated and strategic approach to our economy is needed to recover from this crisis. This year, the Government has abandoned its industrial strategy which is vital for the Midlands’ economic recovery as it’s how we support high skill, high wage, green jobs of the future. 

Labour on the other hand, has proposed a comprehensive plan that would look to support businesses and boost the job market while simultaneously tackling climate change. It would help create 400,000 good jobs, protect green spaces and make sure everyone has a warm home.  

Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Edgbaston in Birmingham said, “We need an ambitious plan like Labour’s to move us out of this spiralling downward economic path and into a new era bringing in cleaner and greener jobs.  

“A key part of our plan is calling for an electric vehicle revolution that would back Britain’s car manufacturers, create jobs, and make owning a zero-emission vehicle an option for all. It’s also an ideal fit for our region which has long been known for its automotive industry.” 

Gill continued, “For the future of the Midlands economy, it’s essential that we get a Labour West Midlands Mayor from the elections in May. Labour’s candidate, Liam Byrne, wants to get the West Midlands it’s fair share that is needed to address the jobs crisis and seeing that the West Midlands leads Britain’s green industrial revolution.” 


For information: 

Labour’s three-part plan would secure the industry’s future, boost employment, and support people across the country to make the switch to electric: 

  • Back automotive manufacturers and create jobs by part-financing the creation of three new, additional gigafactories by 2025, providing greater security for the sector and shoring up Britain’s global leadership in the electric vehicle market.  
  • Make electric vehicle ownership affordable by offering interest-free loans for new and used electric vehicles to those on low to middle incomes to remove the upfront cost barrier; and trialling a national scrappage scheme.  
  • Make it easier for people to drive an electric vehicle, wherever they live, by accelerating the roll-out of charging points on streets and targeting areas left out like the West Midlands has been by this Conservative Government and Conservative Mayor, Andy Street.