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Many constituents working on the front-line in our fight against the coronavirus have shared with me their serious concerns about the lack of vital personal protective equipment (PPE) available at their workplace. Whether you are a doctor or a dentist, a cleaner or a care worker, a social worker or a shopworker, you are performing an invaluable public service in keeping our country moving and its people safe. But you can only continue to do this safely with adequate support and PPE.

Please let me know using the survey below if you have experienced any problems in accessing PPE. The information you provide will help me to get a better picture of the situation on the ground, and allow resources to be distributed accordingly when the Government makes them available. I will use the survey responses to provide local bodies with valuable insight into the areas where support is currently lacking. All survey responses will remain anonymous and I will not share any personal, identifiable information without asking your permission first.

Birmingham City Council is asking for donations of PPE for use by their front-line staff, care providers, social workers and volunteers who are delivering essential services across the City. Items such as disposable aprons, latex or Nitrell gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser, eye protection and overshoes are critically needed. If you can donate any of these important items, then please complete Birmingham City Council's online form here:

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