Last week, Preet Kaur Gill MP, addressed the Social Workers Union Conference in Birmingham. During the event Preet praised the hard work and dedication of social workers from across the country, and underlined the importance of a Union's role in protecting workers' rights.

As a former social worker, and cabinet member for public health in Sandwell Council, Preet knows the pressures that social workers face on a daily basis, and she has committed to standing up for them both at a local level, and in parliament.

In her speech, Preet said, "The short-term pressures require addressing with additional funding. But this is not and should not be at the expense of longer term, and systematic adaptations, to recognise the importance of new challenges social workers and the social care system are facing, and will face in the future. 

As a former councillor, I recognise the importance of supporting local areas in gaining access to use funds in the way that addresses their local health, and care issues, in the best way.

Social work isn’t distinct from the wider societal, economic, and political context, and policy decisions like austerity have scratched away at the overall social system putting greater pressure on the profession."