Details of an FOI request made by Free Radio showed that almost 1,000 drivers have been caught doing the over the 40mph speed limit on a stretch of road where 6 people lost their lives in a crash in 2017.

Last year, Preet Kaur Gill MP handed in a petition signed by 28,000 people with Tony Worth, the brother-in-law of Lucy David, one of the Belgrave Middleway crash victims, urging Birmingham City Council to install average speed cameras.

In an interview with Free Radio, Preet said:

"These figures show that there was a real need for this camera to be installed. It is shocking that people still haven't learnt their lesson and don't want to change their behaviour even though there was a huge loss of life in the horrific incident on that stretch of road. These figures prove what we've all known and we're all been worried about for some time."  

You can read more about Free Radio's investigation here: