A Huffington Post article has reported claims that the University of Birmingham, and other universities, are not doing enough to help students with mental health issues.

In response to the article, Preet says:

"It is concerning to hear that students feel let down by their universities in terms of mental health support, or lack thereof. Despite the University of Birmingham's commitment to mental health, and the excellent work done by their Institute for Mental Health, the policies that they have developed have by and large not been adopted and implemented in their own institution.

The 'Mental Health Charter' requires strengthening and is no way perfect, however, I would urge the University of Birmingham and other universities around the country to show their commitment to their students' mental health by signing-up to the charter and prioritising in-house counselling provision. Students are struggling to access appropriate mental health services at a time when they need it most. The bottom line is that it is essential that universities do more for our young people."

You can read the original Huffington Post article here.