Preet encourages residents to take part in Birmingham City Council's consultations

Have your say on the council's plans for our city

City centre public realm improvements:
The council are consulting on plans to enhance the public realm in the city centre and create an attractive, welcoming and safe envirnonment.
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Consultation ends 21st February 2020.

Parking supplementary planning document: 
The draft Parking SPD outlines the council's approach to balancing parking provision with promoting sustainable travel and specifying revised parking standards for new developments.
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Consultation ends 21st February 2020.

Birmingham transport plan:
Last week, Birmingham City Council published their draft transport plan, setting out a vision for the future of transport in the city. This vision for a sustainable, green, inclusive, go-anywhere network is underpinned by four Big Moves:
• Reallocating road space
• Transforming the city centre
• Prioritising active travel in local neighbourhoods
• Managing demand through parking measures
Find out more about the plan and have your say here:
Consultation of the plan takes place between 28th January and 27th March 2020.

Consultation on the Development Management in Birmingham DPD – Publication (Regulation 19):
Birmingham City Council is has started a 6-week public consultation on the Publication version of the Development Management in Birmingham document (DMB).

The DMB will provide detailed policies to help determine planning applications and development decisions across the whole City, supporting the strategic policies in the Birmingham Development Plan which was adopted in 2017. The document, once adopted, will replace the remaining Saved 2005 Birmingham Unitary Development Plan policies which have now become outdated. 

You can find the Consultation Statement, view the Publication Document and associated evidence and find out more about the consultation on the Council’s website here:
Representations can be submitted via email: or by post: Planning Policy, Planning and Development, PO Box 28, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham, B1 1TU.

Consultation ends 21st February 2020.