Preet has visited Woodgate Valley Health Centre in a bid to urge people to get vaccinated.

The vaccination centre, which is covering six practices in the local area, is working towards a target of 65,000 vaccines. So far, it has delivered around 5,500 vaccinations in its first five weeks of being operational.

Preet was given a tour of the centre by Dr Kalpa Sundar who is the clinical lead for the vaccine programme at Woodgate  Valley. 

Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Edgbaston said, “Visiting the centre, I was really struck by how well organised it was so that going to get a Covid vaccination couldn’t be simpler. It was great to see how positive all the staff, volunteers and patients were and it’s no surprise to me to now know why the centre is so far ahead in their programme. 

“The process they have in place at the centre meant that no one was allowed to wait more than 15 minutes before they had their vaccination, all possible social distancing measures were being taken and the whole time that I was there, it just felt so safe and friendly. 

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at Woodgate Valley Health Centre and at other practices right across the country. Our NHS, it’s staff and all of the volunteers are working so hard right now to keep everyone safe and they are doing a fantastic job.

“The last year has been devastating for so many of us and in so many different ways. Life has been turned upside down and everyone has felt the effects of the pandemic. 

“Now that we have an effective Covid-19 vaccine, it is so important that we get as many people vaccinated, as quickly as possible, so that we are keeping our communities safe. This is the best way that we can protect our loved ones and is our route to bringing back some normalcy to all of our lives. I would urge everyone to make their appointment to get vaccinated, as soon as they are contacted by the NHS.”

Preet also met with several of the volunteers who are supporting the vaccine effort and who Dr Sundar described as ‘pivotal’ in delivering the vaccine rollout.

Jackie Blackwood, a volunteer from Rubery, said “Volunteering here has been a wonderful experience. I was a little apprehensive before I started and didn’t really know what to expect. However, it’s been really lovely seeing everyone come through. 

“Being able to get the Covid vaccination has been making some of the patients really emotional as this will really change some of their lives. Everyone leaves the centre happy and that is such a lovely thing to be a part of.”

If any residents in Edgbaston who are due to have their Covid vaccination are having any problems in booking their appointment, including those who have recently been added to the clinically vulnerable and shielding list, please contact: