The total grant settlement for the West Midlands in 2019/20 is £460m, and although this is an increase on the 2018/19 amount, when additional cost pressures and inflation is considered, this is effectively still a real terms cut for West Midlands Police. The government has made it clear it expects Police and Crime Commissioners to increase council tax to cover costs.

On hearing the announcement, Preet said:

"With crime on the rise, imposed police officer cuts and reductions to other essential resources, the government has undersold the West Midlands Police by £10 million in their announcement on police funding today.

This funding cut comes at a time when residents are already feeling unsafe and I am bewildered that, despite 2,000 police officers being lost due to the government's cuts to West Midlands Police, they have not seen fit to adequately support our police force to protect our community."