Preet Kaur Gill MP has called on Birmingham City Council to improve its inspection regime for temporary accommodation in the city, after it emerged that a number of constituents were staying in cramped, sub-standard accommodation on the Hagley Road - accommodation used by the Council for homeless individuals and families until they can be housed elsewhere.

One constituent was sent to stay in a small brick shed at a B&B, and shared concerns for the safety of her child after flea bites were found all over their body and face and threatening individuals were housed nextdoor.

The constituent ended up staying there for a desperate fortnight until she was moved into alternative temporary accommodation after Preet took up her case.

Preet wrote to the city council about the case, and has repeated calls for the council to dramatically improve its inspection regime of emergency accommodation and provide much better support for vulnerable people sent to B&Bs.

A spokesperson for the Council said:

"We remain committed to eradicating the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless families as an absolute priority. As such, we will no longer be using this B&B as emergency accommodation and everyone who is currently placed here will be moved over the course of the next few days."

Preet said:

"It is a small victory in a longer battle to end the use of low quality B&Bs, which are totally unsuitable for vulnerable people and families.

I will continue to press the city council to inspect B&Bs and other temporary accommodation rigorously and provide better support to families who need to stay in B&Bs as a last resort.

The council needs to ensure premises they use maintain certain standards."