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Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Edgbaston in Birmingham, has voted against Conservative moves to make lower income working families pay for the Government’s failure to address the cuts and underfunding of the NHS and social care crisis.  

The Government put their jobs tax to a vote which represents the biggest rise in taxes on families for over 50 years.  

As a former care worker herself, Preet Kaur Gill MP has set out how the proposed plan does not address the social care crisis it has been designed to tackle and will simply place an enormous burden on hard working people. 

- The Tory plan does nothing to balance out the £8bn in cuts over the last decade that their successive Governments took from the sector, and which has caused social care to reach this crisis point.  

- There is nothing to help the more than 1.5million people who are in need of care yet, are ineligible for support.  

- There is nothing to address the growing 100,000 vacancies in care which is a profession that is simply undervalued when compared to others. Often it is seen as women’s work that is left to families to cope without adequate support. 

- Nor is there anything that will prevent those who need care, from having to sell their homes in order to pay for it. 

The pandemic has also entrenched misconceptions about social care. It is often thought that care is only about older people, when in reality, a third of the users and half of the budget for social care is for working age adults with disabilities. People believe that care is about care homes, when there are 11.5 million at home carers. 

Preet fully supports the principles of the reforms Labour set out earlier this year, including the steps to ensure more people get care and support in their own homes and those undervalued care workers are paid a real living wage. 

Under a Labour government, taxes that pay for social care should be fair across the generations and all forms of income. Those with the broadest shoulders should pay more – not working families now set for an unfair tax rise. 

Preet Kaur Gill MP said, “This manifesto-breaking, unfair tax on jobs is not the way to fix the social care crisis. 

“The pandemic showed us exactly how underfunded the sector is and how undervalued and underpaid care workers truly are. This new Tory tax increase means that these care workers will pay more tax for the care they are providing without seeing a penny more in their pay packet. 

“Labour wants to tackle the social care crisis – we’ve started to set out our ambitious plans and offered to work with government to fix this now – but the lack of any real plan and taxing working families and businesses is just not the way to do it.” 


For more information on the reforms Labour set out earlier this year, please visit:  

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