A photo of Hemisphere Apartments

Preet Kaur Gill MP has welcomed the Labour motion that will call for upfront funding to ensure cladding remediation can start immediately.

Three years on from the Grenfell tragedy and there are still an estimated 700,000 people around the country who are living in a state of fear; in dangerous high rises with flammable cladding. 

Today, a new motion will be voted on that will call for major action to be taken by the Government. As well as asking for upfront funding for cladding remediation work to begin immediately, the motion also demands protection for leaseholders and taxpayers from the cost of pursuing those responsible for the cladding crisis.

Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Birmingham, Edgbaston said, "If left to this Government, innocent leaseholders in my constituency, who bear no responsibility for this crisis, could be forced to pay for remediation work costing tens of thousands of pounds per apartment. This is completely unacceptable and is yet another example of the Government going back on their repeated promises to leaseholders that they shouldn’t bear this cost. 

"Progress in fixing unsafe buildings since the Grenfell Fire in 2017 has been glacially slow, causing untold mental and financial stress for ordinary families. What some of my constituents have been through is appalling. Today, we will find out if the Government is on their side or not."

In Edgbaston, Birmingham, there are over 300 flats clad in unsafe materials and whose leaseholders are now trapped and unable to sell their properties. 

Paula Shalloo, Member of the Steering Committee for Birmingham Leaseholder Action Group said, “Imagine waking up tomorrow to discover your apartment block is wrapped in flammable cladding and has other fire safety defects so serious that the whole building could burn to the ground in a matter of minutes. So serious that the fire service immediately insists on a 24-hour fire patrol, or ‘waking watch’.

“Your first instinct is to sell up and move but no mortgage provider will lend on an unsafe property, so you are stuck. You then receive an estimate of several million pounds for remediation work to make your building safe and are told that you and your fellow leaseholders will have to foot the bill. Your share of that bill could be anywhere from £40,000 to £100,000 depending on the size of your block.

“In a final hammer blow, your buildings insurance goes up by 1000%. For hundreds of homeowners in the West Midlands, this is not an imaginary scenario. This is the reality they live with every day due to the cladding scandal.”

For more information on today’s vote, please visit: https://labour.org.uk/press/keir-starmer-sets-out-cladding-demands-ahead-of-crunch-vote-to-protect-leaseholders-from-costs/