Preet Kaur Gill MP is one of 11 Labour MPs elected in 2017 who has contributed to the Fabian Society's new book proposing a series of measures to reform parliament. 'New Brooms', edited by James Frith MP and published by the Fabian Society, puts the experiences and insights of these new MPs at the heart of the debate. Preet wrote on the topic of how we can make parliament accessible for voters and new MPs.

In her piece, Preet says, "It’s easy to see why anyone watching parliament on TV would be turned off by the joking and jeering coming from their political representatives. It’s no wonder then that much of the public feel alienated from parliament and its processes.

By reforming parliamentary systems and opening them up to make them more accessible, we can transform this way of thinking and in the process, bring more people into politics. The challenge is clear – and democracy depends on public participation."

You can read Preet's piece in 'New Brooms' in full here: