After the dissapointing Spending Review last week, which failed to make any mention of support for those still living in dangerous homes across the United Kingdom, I wrote to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, to once again higlight the struggles of leaseholders trapped in potentially unsafe accomodation.

It is now over three years since the Grenfell Fire tragedy took 72 lives before their time. The shock and horror that filled that summer evening was like nothing like many of us will have witnessed in our lifetimes. 

However, as I said to the chancellor before his Spending Review, for hundreds of people in Edgbaston, the cladding scandal that this horror exposed remains a living nightmare.

In my letter to the Secretary of State, I put forward some of the concerns and questions raised by attendees at the Cladding Scandal Summit I hosted recently alongside Shabana Mahmood MP.

I also urge for the expidition of the process of refitting and confirmation that the cost of expensive remedial work will not fall on the shoulders of leaseholders.