“Over the last 11 years, we have seen the number of police in West Midlands cut by 2,221 officers, to the point where crime has now reached levels that our hardworking Police are being forced to triage their responses. Burglary, anti-social behaviour and car theft, among other criminal activity, is all too commonplace in my constituency. 

“The Government’s response to this has been woefully lacking and it is our local communities that are now feeling the impact of these cuts. Current Government plans will see the West Midlands having to wait until 2023 to get 1,200 more officers on streets. However, this will mean that by 2023, we will still have 1,000 fewer officers on our streets than we did in 2010. The consequence of this and the wider cuts to public services, including youth services is that of course we will see crime continue to rise.  

“Speaking to my constituents, they want to see more police on our streets. They want to see Police out, walking down our roads and high streets, engaging with the community rather than driving around in cars as they are currently forced to do. Knowing this, it is exactly why I support Simon Foster’s plan to bring 450 community officers back to our streets and calls for fair funding for West Midlands Police.”