This week saw Birmingham go into Tier 2 (high) on the government's new alert system, and with it, changes to some of our local restrictions (more on that below).

While the introduction of local restrictions where it's needed to curb the spread of Covid-19 should be supported, these restrictions must be evidence-based and the rationale must be clear to local people for them to be truly effective.

Britain faces an unemployment crisis with millions of jobs at risk - and it's got the Chanellor Rishi Sunak's name all over it.

People need security and opportunity. Yesterday, the Chancellor failed to convince us that the government has a plan to deliver either.

Local restrictions, like the ones introduced here in Birmingham this week, are only one part of the solution to keep infection rates down.

New restrictions have been announcement today to curb the rise in infections in our city.

It is testament to the tireless work and preparation of teachers and parents that so many schoolchildren here in Birmingham were able to return to the classroom this week.

Getting children back to school safely and putting a plan in place for any disruption, must be the government's top priority.